Our purpose is to identify, equip and develop local leaders to change their communities with the hope of Jesus.

When Jesus chose his first followers he didn’t pick the obvious contenders. Instead, he opted for the kind of ordinary men and women no one would ever have expected to lead the early church.

But they went on to achieve extraordinary things in his name.

Today we exist to enable leaders like them to change the communities they live in – however tough the task, however unlikely that leadership may seem.

Since 2001, we’ve seen the difference life-changing leadership makes in many places, from Dublin to Dushanbe.

In all of these places we work closely and collaboratively with the local church.

Our organisational values shape the way we operate and frame all that we do.

  • We believe in being good stewards of all that we have been given; Stewardship ensures we use our resources in ways that bring the most hope and change
  • Engaged in context means being deliberate in understanding the contexts in which we work, which determines what we do and how we do it
  • Inspiring excellence ensures we do what we do in ways that inspire with distinctive quality
  • Effective teamwork, recognising the different strengths and skills we have as a team and utilising those strengths to grow effective teams, where people are fulfilled in their work.