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Innovista Christmas Match Appeal 2021

Since 2014 Ukraine has been in the throes of civil war between Russian-backed separatists and Ukrainian troops fighting for control of the eastern Donbas region.

This war has already taken over 13,000 lives* and behind the rising death toll, there is a hidden cost – the pain and suffering of mothers, wives and children of those who are fighting; mothers without a son to rely on, wives left to raise their children alone.

But the good news is that Central Baptist Church in L’viv is helping women and children in distress with an outreach project for war widows. It is a place for them to grieve, to make friends, and to hear about the love of God through Bible study and prayer and receive practical support. The church family is funding this ministry because they want to serve their community – to be salt and light where God has planted them.

This wonderful project might have not happened  if the leaders of the church hadn’t had their hearts ignited for mission by participating in Innovista’s Tempo training programme, made possible by generous and mission-minded Innovista supporters.

Central Baptist Church Pastor Oleg says, “Thanks to Tempo we realized what really hurts us. We were detached from society. We focused on life within the church and were not really interested in the people around us. We were a huge downtown church but we were spiritually immature. Once we understood the problem, we started to look at everything with new eyes. When we met people whose hearts ached because of the war, we realized that this was an area where we could serve, and we had something to offer these women and their families.”

This is just one example of what church leaders nurtured by Innovista, and supported by mission-minded people like you, are doing in their communities.

We need to raise £20,000 to grow our training programmes like Tempo and launch more mission projects to transform countless lives.

Any gift you make before Christmas Day will be doubled, thanks to the match funding provided by a group of Innovista supporters.  

Why Innovista

With your help, Christian leaders can identify and remove the barriers that are blocking their growth and stopping them from being effective.

Central Baptist Church leaders now plan to expand this project outside of L’viv and help war widows in the villages. With good leadership, these projects grow and grow.

Olya is 70 and her son was killed in the war. She was left to care for her grandson, despite being alone, and ill herself with cancer. She feels like she is alive today only for the sake of looking after her grandson while he is young. Crying, she said, “Nobody remembers us, only the church.”

Irene is a young widow, who was left with two children, Ilya and Veronika when her husband was killed. Struggling with depression, she was then involved in a car accident and could only walk with crutches. She said, “I didn’t want to communicate with anyone, didn’t want to see anyone, didn’t want to talk or listen to anyone. Someone from the project called me and invited me to come for a meeting. Irritated, on crutches, I came for some reason. I was welcomed as my own family, embraced and it was an unbelievable feeling. After that, I started to talk a little bit, not to everyone, of course. I began to slowly open up with my pain, my loss. I’m very grateful, thank you for gathering us, asking about our lives, not leaving us.” 

Please give the most generous gift you can today – and remember, any gift you give will be doubled with our match funding. 

*source – United Nations