Lead with Clarity

A short online course to help you create clarity for your team that will create commitment from your team.
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Who is it for?

Leadership teams or individuals with overall responsibility for a church or ministry organisation.


Online. Four 90-minute workshops.

Frustration with teams is everywhere. This course gives you the framework, tools and a facilitated process to unlock the potential of your team. Based on the e-book that has been translated and used in 10+ countries, you will get the practical help we all need to make teams work.

"Jason Lane is an outstanding leadership consultant with a proven track record of revolutionising ministry for Christian leaders across the world. I’m delighted to see some of his expertise made available through this valuable, free resource, Lead with Clarity. It does what it says on the tin: provides much-needed clarity for weary leaders. In the ebook, Jason provides fresh insight, practical plans for leadership, and a contagious enthusiasm for ministry done excellently. Snap it up, while it’s still free."

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