The Essentials

Practical and effective missional training for youth workers and pastors working on British estates
Man with microphone pointing to a whiteboard at a training event

Who is it for?

Youth leaders working in urban settings


Online, teams or individuals 


Monthly workshops over 10 months


2-4 hours/week (developing your local mission)


£300 per person (please still get in touch if you can't afford this)

This year-long course is designed to equip youth leaders and teams working on estates (and other urban settings) to build a strategic, missional, and effective ministry.

Through our practical workshops, putting your learning into practice, and reflecting with others in similar contexts to you, you will build a sustainable and impactful youth ministry in your local area.

  • One training session and one reflection session each month
  • Suitable for paid or volunteer leaders
  • Biblical application, inspiration, coaching, and tools to equip your team

The course covers:

  • God’s Mission and Our Response: Why youth work is an important part of God’s mission and how we apply the Bible in the way we respond.
  • Youth Culture & Worldviews: Growing our compassion, understanding, and response to youth culture, poverty and worldviews.
  • Growing Relationships like Jesus: How to build relationships from scratch, deepen existing relationships and living in community.
  • Enabling Positive Engagement: Helping young people succeed in youth sessions and responding to challenging behaviour.
  • Growing Faith: How to share your faith in a culturally appropriate way and tools for developing faith exploration in informal settings.
  • Creative Storytelling: How to grow disciples and share the gospel creatively within your context.
  • Planning, Delivery, and Evaluation: Tools for planning, skills for achieving your session goals and how evaluation can grow your impact.
  • Spiritual Disciplines: Develop new ways to connect with God and strengthen your faith.
  • Healthy Boundaries: Setting boundaries in work and at home for sustainable ministry.
  • Healthy Team: How to inspire and equip your team to be fruitful and effective.

Innovista identifies, equips and develops Christian leaders working in challenging contexts. Every year, we train and mentor around 1,500 leaders in Britain, Ireland, Moldova, Ukraine, Central Asia and beyond. My family and I have been Innovista supporters since the beginning. We support Innovista because we believe in their mission to help young Christian leaders make a difference. We’ve known the team over many years, and we trust them to use the resources they are given to grow God’s Kingdom.

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