Taking time out as a team to tackle an issue in a half-day or full-day workshop can make a big difference by releasing valuable new momentum.
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Who is it for?

Leaders and their teams


Online or in person


Half-day or whole day

Any leader working with others in their community to share and live out the gospel is guaranteed to face obstacles. This can prevent leaders from achieving all they long to see happen, and leave them frustrated. Innovista workshops help leaders and their teams move past the obstacles holding them back. The tailor-made half-day and full-day workshops help leaders transform their church and community by deepening the ways in which they are led by God, lead themselves and lead others. They are designed to suit an individual team’s needs, and to bring fresh insight, clarity and momentum. Each workshop tackles a specific situation or problem, enabling leaders to become clear about what their next steps towards a solution should be, in order to create the change they want to see.

Align your team

Move forward together, overcome obstacles, and increase your impact. If you need to make progress on areas such as teamwork, developing vision and values, or mission strategy then tailored help is available.

Innovista workshops create the space for you to work on the issues that matter most in a way that is tailored to your team.

You don’t need to worry about designing and running anything. An experienced facilitator will design and run the interactive workshop, so that your team can move forward, on purpose.

You’ll gain helpful insights, develop crucial skills, and leave with next steps clear and agreed. All in service of missional impact.

For fifteen years, Innovista’s interactive workshops have been helping teams in churches and organisations.

Innovista’s training stands out because we clearly see that it helps our leaders grow. As a result, we’re more effective in our mission." - Eugen Ciumac, Field Leader, Operation Mobilisation Moldov