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We want to encourage you as you play your part in equipping leaders for God’s mission. We would love to give you a book that will inspire you. We’ll be in touch soon, and we’ll ask you to confirm your book of choice.

Thank you for equipping leaders in challenging contexts to build a better world.

Please choose from the books below:

A Church for the Poor by Martin Charlesworth and Natalie Williams

“This is an honest look at the invisible barriers that church culture creates. It explores different approaches to overcoming these cultural barriers with practical examples and probing questions. A must-read for any church wanting not only to support those in need, but reach them with the gospel as well.” - Erica Payne, UK Training Lead

The Heart of Evangelism by Jerram Bars

“For most of us, evangelism is difficult. Just hearing the word can create feelings of guilt, failure or despair. Jerram Barrs helps us get past this to a place of sharing faith which is natural and connected with real life. This book will give you confidence and help you communicate the great news about Jesus to your friends, family, colleagues and neighbours.” - Jason Lane, International Director

Humilitas by John Dickson

“Whether in business, the public sector or church, Christians who lead are rightly told that character is critical. What’s less common – but as important – is to know why this is so, and how to develop it. This book does it all. It will inspire and equip you to develop the humility that marks effective, servant leaders. Putting this book into practice will help you be better, wherever you lead.” - Jason Lane, International Director

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