International Annual Report

2019 was a year of massive growth and innovation for Innovista. We trained 30% more leaders than in 2018; we launched 3 new city training hubs in locations around the world; Thrive Teams engaged over 300 young people in open-access activities in and around Oxford.

Whilst these indicators of change and growth are wonderful, the stories we most love to share are the stories of breakthrough and transformation in individual lives. In Moldova, we share Marius’s joy that his friend Daniel started coming to youth group and became a Christian. In Ukraine we rejoice that our Tempo course helped Adam get his ideas out of his head and into reality, impacting youth in his city. In Oxford, we loved hearing Kyle share that Thrive Teams got him out of the house, and gave him the gifts of communication, working with teams, helping people and “not just thinking about yourself”.

Download the Annual Report now to read the details of everything Innovista did in 2019. If you are a supporter, please be deeply encouraged that none of this would be possible without you. Thank you for investing in leadership in hard to reach and unlikely contexts; thank you for bringing the hope of Jesus to so many communities around the world.

“I admire the nature of Innovista’s work. When you hear of the training, support and encouragement that it is providing to Christian leaders across Europe, Russia and Central Asia the need and potential benefit become obvious and important…. I love the multiplier effect of supporting leaders and trainers who can impact the lives of so many different individuals and communities. I have faith and confidence in the Innovista team…”

Gideon Hudson, long-term Innovista supporter

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