“Women don’t have a voice, they don’t have value”

Central Asian Women in Leadership Innovista works in several Central Asian Republics, all of which are on Open Doors’ “World Watch List”. This means that Christians experience a “very high” level of persecution. Islam is intrinsic to people’s ethnic identity. Converts to Christianity are rejected (or worse) by their families and communities. Fines, abuse, threats […]

The Impact of a Godly Leader – A review of 2021

A review of 2021 and strategic plans for 2022 The Leader… It is hard to underestimate the importance of a leader in any organisation but that leader, wherever they are, needs long-term development and investment to grow character and skill; this in turn takes time, and strong, trusted relationships. This is the essence of Innovista. […]

Saving lives and bringing hope – responding to Russia’s war on Ukraine

Serving with courage As Russia’s brutal war on Ukraine continues, local churches in both Ukraine and neighbouring Moldova are serving with courage and creativity, enabled and encouraged by your support. Innovista has been training and equipping church leaders in Ukraine for more than fifteen years. This network of trusted and proven leaders has allowed for […]

Who are you and why do you help us?

Who are you and why do you help us? This was the question of one exhausted and hungry Ukrainian refugee as, after days of travel, he and his family finally crossed the border into Moldova. Nicholas fled Ukraine with his daughter, granddaughter and great grandson. He left his family home in Odessa, on the Ukrainian […]

Our response to the escalating crisis in Ukraine

Innovista’s response to the escalating crisis in Ukraine One month ago today, the Russian Army invaded Ukraine from the north, east and south. Since then, the world has watched in horror as homes and entire towns are destroyed; as families are separated; as lives are lost. Many Ukrainian cities have become household names – Kharkiv, […]

Miraculous bags of flour

Skadovsk is a port city in the southern Kherson region of Ukraine. It has been in the news recently following the alleged abduction of the Mayor. The region is now largely under Russian control, with crucial supply lines cut off by Russian military. On Saturday, Russian military blocked fourteen trucks carrying humanitarian aid into the area. One […]

Ukraine Response FAQ’s

Supporting Ukrainian refugees A number of people have expressed interest in ways to help Ukrainians coming to the UK; we have drawn up these FAQ’s which we hope will answer those questions. Q: Can Innovista supporters offer housing to Ukrainian refugees coming to the UK? A: Yes you can – and we commend The Sanctuary […]

Innovista’s response to the war in Ukraine

The situation in Ukraine continues to be precarious and frightening. We are keeping in close contact with our colleagues in Ukraine, who continue to serve Jesus bravely amidst the rising tension.

“It was the greatest time!”

Omsk, the second largest city in Siberia, is home to over a million people. It is also home to nine universities, giving the city an enormous student population. Anya is a teacher in this city. She is young – but gifted. She has a natural ability to see the talents in others, and help them […]

Many leaders are wounded and tired

“Many leaders are wounded and tired physically and spiritually. They needed new powers, and encouragement in their ministries.” Good leadership involves seeing the needs around you, and developing ways to address them. That’s what Maricela, our National Director in Moldova, did this summer. She could tell that many leaders were struggling, after many months (if […]