Innovista’s chance to win £1,000

We would love you to nominate us for a chance to win £1,000 as part of specialist insurer Ecclesiastical’s Movement for Good awards, which is giving £1million away to charities this summer.

We need your help for the summer holidays

This summer (restrictions permitting), Thrive Teams leaders Matt and Daniel will run three-day holiday clubs in both South Abingdon and the Leys! In both communities, the school year has been a challenge.

Soviet leaders NEVER make mistakes

Anatoliy Sapsay, Innovista’s National Director in Ukraine, comments that “a big part of Soviet culture is that leaders never make mistakes. And if they do, they cover them up and never say sorry.” The Soviet leadership model finds its roots in two places: a belief that good leadership is all about achievement, and a fear […]

Bright Lights – Annual Review 2020

Bright Lights – Annual Review 2020 We are thrilled to share our ‘Bright Lights’ Review of 2020 with you. It’s a year we will always remember for its exceptional challenges, as well as opportunities. And a year in which you shone a bright light into some very dark and broken places. Against a backdrop of […]

Wisdom and Volley

When you learn how to model true, Christlike leadership, other people notice the difference. People are drawn, not just to you, but to Jesus himself – the perfect example of a leader. There are plenty of stories to tell of people coming to faith in Jesus through the men and women we train and support. […]

Learning to Lead – My Journey with Innovista

Working for Innovista over the last 6 years has grown me and stretched me in ways I didn’t see coming. I have learned so much about leadership, teamwork, training and ministry in Ireland. I remember one day our international director, Jason, came to visit from Oxford to share with our team. Our office was in […]

Family Leadership

Do you think of yourself as a leader? Perhaps the question brings to mind your role at work or at church, or perhaps you jump to compare yourself to someone else. If you are a parent, then the answer is a resounding yes regardless of your roles outside the home – and we want to […]

Kacie’s Story

When Kacie first joined Thrive, she was overwhelmingly shy and struggled even to make eye-contact with leaders. Over several years, her confidence slowly grew, and we all saw her enormous potential.

Another year, another lockdown

Determined to be there Plunging into a third national lockdown just as the new term started has been hard for young people. Loss of routine again, separation from friends again, and contending with online learning again amplifies anxiety for so many. Thrive Teams are determined to be there, supporting and cheering on young people in […]

The changing face of the pandemic 

Adjusting to a new normal   Our work has been dramatically changed as a result of the pandemic. As I keep reminding our team, the context has changed enormously – but the mission of God has not. We’ve had to work out new ways to do what God has called us to. During the first […]