Multiplying our mission in Moldova

Multiplying our mission in Moldova The restrictions of coronavirus have rapidly become our “new normal” this year. Like you, we are grateful daily for the technology which allows us to connect and communicate in meaningful ways even when we can’t meet in person. In Moldova, coronavirus cases continue to rise, hospitals are running out of […]

The impact of leadership in L’viv

Innovista Ukraine has been having a busy year. Since Coronavirus hit, they have managed to provide 234 sessions of coaching and training to 51 church leaders. Today, we want to share the story of one particular church in L’viv. God’s Love Church The leadership team of God’s Love Church had been struggling for a while. Although […]

Empowering the local church: a new direction for Thrive Teams

Passing on the baton Ten years ago, we pioneered our first Thrive Team in Barton. Our vision was to raise up leaders within Barton to reach the community with the hope of Jesus. Over the past decade, we’ve done just that. We’ve worked alongside Barton Community Church, running great youth work, mentoring leaders, and seeing […]

Thrive Teams summer updates

After months of lockdown, and trying to engage young people online, Thrive Teams were delighted to run holiday clubs IN PERSON during August! Thrive Teams ran holiday clubs for three days in South Abingdon, and three days in the Leys. Beforehand, leaders asked for prayer for “good weather, for young people to positively engage, and finally […]

A Flexible Friend

Cornel (23) and his team of youth leaders from Nisporeni, Moldova, took Innovista’s Tempo Leadership Course in 2019. Then Covid-19 hit. Thankfully, he had just learned about the importance of flexibility. Cornel always believed that he had what it takes to be a leader. He is the youth and worship leader at his church, Bethany, […]

Success is still being here

Celebrating 10 years of Thrive Teams in Barton When Thrive Teams began working in Barton 10 years ago, partnering with the newly planted Barton Community Church, it was commented on by a local church member that “Barton is a graveyard for churches”. Yet, 10 years on and many baptisms later, the church remains an integral […]

A letter from Jason Lane

This year – and it astonishes me to say it – Innovista is 20 years old! With you by our side, we have spent two decades building up leaders for God’s mission in hard-to-reach and unlikely places. So many people have heard the good news of Jesus, and communities have been touched and changed by […]

What teenagers really need in this time

“We all know we can’t make our teenagers do anything. It can be hard enough to get them out of bed or to get off their phones to have a conversation. Right now, with children out of school, families are by far the biggest influence. So how can we influence intentionally?” Erica Payne shows us […]

Five things to do in lockdown

Innovista’s National Director in Moldova, Maricela, has shared a brilliant story about the resilience and creativity of young people in lockdown in their capital city, Chisinau.