Baking Easter bread

Meet Alexandra. She’s part of Innovista Ukraine’s team, and along with her daughter, granddaughter and cat, she shares an old family recipe with us today. From her family to yours, enjoy preparing for Easter today. Craft: how to decorate Easter eggs All around the world, eggs symbolise new life at Easter. This year, why not […]

Easter in Ukraine – learning the language

Hello, or should we say Привіт… Did you know that Ukraine is home to seven World Heritage sites, the world’s third busiest McDonald’s, and the deepest underground tunnel* in any city in the world? Did you know it’s the largest country entirely in Europe? It covers 605,628km² (that’s two and a half times bigger than […]

Love and mission in a time of Coronavirus

Jason Lane speaks from his home in Oxford, outlining how the current Coronavirus pandemic is impacting all of Innovista’s work, from our Thrive Teams in Oxford to our Tempo course in Siberia.

Thrive Teams Appeal Update

Thrive Teams Appeal Update A lot has happened since we wrote to you on 20 March to ask you to please help Team Leader Matt as he, and his Thrive Teams colleagues, urgently moved all of their youth work online. We were so encouraged by the warmth of your response and your incredible generosity. Thanks […]

From the playground to the stage

Thrive Teams partner with several local schools, which helps support our work with the young people we are working with. We caught up with South Abingdon youth worker, Rebecca, to hear what’s been happening recently with a particular group of 13 year old girls, and how they ended up on stage! ‘A year ago, we […]

“I am sorry for the mother I have been.”

‘I am so sorry for the mother I have been. Will you forgive me?’ Tahmina lives in Central Asia, and suffered abuse as a child. When she grew up and had a daughter of her own, she raised her in just the same way. She showed her daughter very little love, and more often great […]

What would I say to my 14 year old self?

“I’m only a few years older than the young people I work with, but I can see that life’s tougher for them than it was for me.” From Omsk to Oxford, Innovista identifies, equips and develops leaders. We love sharing their stories with you, so you can see how our training impacts their lives. Devon […]

A basement brimming with life

Before he could complete his studies, the institution in which Innovista’s Ukraine Director, Anatoliy, was based unexpectedly shut down. He won a place to transfer to Oxford University – but didn’t have the money to go. That was when Rodger and Carol stepped in. In 2007. Their generous offer to fund Anatoliy’s place began a […]

Celebrating Thrive Teams’ young achievers

Saturday night saw over 200 people gather from across Oxfordshire and beyond to celebrate and recognise the achievements of the young people that Thrive Teams have been working with over the past few years. Some of the young people there on the night have been involved with Thrive Teams for more than seven years. Focusing […]

The power of a plan: new life in Moldova

The leaders of the Covenant of Grace church in Moldova longed to see God move in their community – but had no clear vision or direction. Moldova is the one of the poorest countries in Europe. Political instability, poverty, human trafficking, and corruption make life very hard. The country is crying out for hope. But […]