Standing in the gap: women leaders in Ukraine

Women across Ukraine have been stepping into ministry roles, at a time when they're most needed. Thanks to your support, Innovista has been able to resource and encourage these courageous volunteers.
March 2024

The Ukraine war has sparked a shortage of Christian leaders, at a time when they’re needed most. With millions displaced or enlisted, women are stepping up to take on more ministry responsibilities or new roles. They continue to enable churches and organisations to support their communities in very challenging circumstances.  

Thanks to your support, Innovista is helping to empower these courageous volunteers. Last week, the Ukraine Evangelical Theological Seminary (UETS) hosted the 'Faces of Calling' event. Over 100 women leaders received encouragement and guidance from Innovista's Zoë Jennings and Lara Buchanan. Olga Kondyuk, director of the event, thanked Innovista for standing with women leaders, and equipping and encouraging everyone present. 

Innovista is investing in women leaders serving their war-torn communities and country

By serving a tired and traumatised population, women leaders are shining God’s light into dark places, as well as reshaping perceptions within and beyond the church. They hope that the tireless service of Christians during the war will redefine the church's role in Ukrainian society, and open a new spiritual chapter for the country. 

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