I had a barrier up for years – Jo’s story

For the first six months that Jo came to church, she didn’t smile. She had built up a protective wall around herself. Over time, as she and sons Josh and Jake got to know the church and the Thrive Team members who live near them on the Barton estate, that began to change.

Gaming addict to entrepreneur – Morgan’s story

When we first met Morgan as a 14-year-old, he was obsessed with video games. He would play them for up to 12 hours straight. Morgan used school as a place to catch up on sleep! We began meeting with Morgan every week to help him become more sociable. Morgan’s next goal was to start his […]

Dreaming again in Dublin

Once, with a few exceptions, to be Irish was to be Catholic. But as far-reaching abuse scandals linked to the church have come to light, many have turned their back on faith. Confidence in any church has plummeted.

The questions leaders don’t want to ask

A few summers ago, I took my adventurous daughter, then aged 10, to ‘Go Ape’. We were promised “unforgettable adventure” as we climbed and swung through the trees, high above the ground. As I followed Emily climbing up into the trees, I started to struggle. The forest started spinning around me. I felt sick. My […]

Russian student turns back to Christ

Yegor grew up in a Christian home in Russia, but when he was a teenager, he turned his back on God. His church didn’t think his music taste was appropriate – Yegor is a big fan of Alternative Rock.‘I was tired of feeling judged by Christians, and stopped going to church.’ ‘I’m not interested’ Now […]