A new generation of leaders

Even though their country has been ravaged by war, a new generation of Ukrainian church leaders has stepped up to support their communities in a time of immense need.
Sergey and Alex from Katyuzhanka

One of the things that the war has revealed, is that a new generation of leaders is popping up everywhere.

Katyuzhanka is a small town of about 4,000 people 30 miles northwest of central Kyiv and was one of the first places occupied by the Russian Army.

There are two young men, Sergey and Alex who are from this town and when occupying forces arrived, they got out of town but stayed close by. As soon as the Russian army left, they returned.

Their pioneering and creative characters meant they sprang into action responding to some of the myriad of needs in the local community. They turned their church into a resource centre for their area, creating a pop-up doctor’s surgery and pharmacy. These are typical emerging leaders with bundles of creativity and lots of energy but also, like many others, they carry deep scars.

As we plough into 2023, we want to raise up more leaders like Sergy and Alex but more than that we endeavour to support these trailblazers, investing in them with training and mentoring so they can develop the character and skills that is required for long-term servant leadership. We aim to help them turn their scars into strengths, as they serve their communities and demonstrate the hope of Jesus to them.

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