Multiplying mission in Moldova

Innovista's Tempo Leadership Course helped a pastor from Chisinau, Moldova, multiply the mission of his church by empowering his youth group.

In Chisinau, Moldova, a local pastor was struggling with a problem. He had a lot of young people in his church, but he didn’t know how to engage them, nor did he have a youth leader. So he asked Innovista for help. After joining the Tempo Leadership Course, he acquired the tools he needed to assess his church, develop a strategy, and empower his congregation.

The training in how to build teams enabled the pastor to identify not one, but three youth ministry leaders. They grew a core team of 12, who were all given different responsibilities. Under their stewardship, the group has more than doubled in size, from 20 to over 40 young people.

The pastor – equipped by Innovista – continues to mentor the three youth leaders, who in turn are developing their team. Now, 80% of the young people are active in service. As a result, they are growing in faith as they put the teachings of Jesus into practice. Ministry is also more sustainable because it is based on a team, rather than an individual.

The Tempo Leadership Course helps leaders to clarify vision, develop their team, and lead with confidence, so they can see their communities changed by Jesus.


Watch Vlad, a ministry leader from Moldova, describe how Innovista's training helped the church.
The Tempo Leadership Course is so useful that every church in Moldova needs it. (Dorin, Moldovan pastor)
This kind of training is very helpful because it’s changing the mindset. It’s really helping us as leaders, and also changing, challenging and helping to grow the people around us. (Vlad, Moldovan ministry leader)

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