This Easter, will you help bring resurrection hope to the forgotten few?

This Easter, you can help Christian leaders like Erlan bring resurrection hope where no one else will.
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Sharing the good news of Jesus with the overlooked and forgotten

Hours of travel along a dangerous dusty road will bring you to a small desert town in a remote region of Central Asia. On the outskirts of town is a small, almost forgotten hospital.  

Cared for in this hospital are a handful of tuberculosis patients. Some are shunned by families who are unwilling to care for them. They are sent to the hospital to live out their final days in isolation. 
Things changed when Pastor Erlan’s* church heard about the hospital.  

Dismayed that these patients had no one to visit them, Erlan and a team from his church began to visit the patients regularly to share God’s love. Under the shadow of death in the hospital, they shared the hope of Jesus’ resurrection. 

Your support brought hope and joy.  

Jasur* was one of those forgotten patients. He was a 60-year-old farmer who had been plagued by ill health, and now had tuberculosis. He was amazed by the actions of these kind visitors:

Jasur gave his life to Christ. His remaining days were no longer isolated, but filled with the friendship of his new church family. He died with his eyes firmly fixed on the hope of new life. 

Give an Easter Gift of hope today:  

  • Your gift of £105 can help a church leadership team to develop and follow a mission plan to reach the forgotten few in their community. 
  •  Your gift of £75 can help provide consistent one-on-one coaching to a Christian leader, ensuring they are not alone in their ministry. 
  • Your gift of £60 can send an Innovista trainer to equip a leader who wants to serve where others will not. 

Your gift’s life-changing impact: 

Sharing this good news in Central Asia is incredibly challenging. 

Despite constant opposition from the authorities and a lack of resources, Erlan and his church team were eager to go where others would not, to bring the hope of Jesus. But they didn’t know where to start. 

That’s where supporters like you stepped in. You enabled an Innovista trainer to support them by providing the training and coaching they so desperately needed.  

The training helped them work together as a team and see opportunities with fresh eyes. 

This Easter, will you give a gift to empower more leaders like Erlan? You can help bring resurrection hope to the forgotten and overlooked. 

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Your generosity means the world to these leaders. Together, let’s make this Easter a season of growth for hard-to-reach communities. 

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* Names have been changed for security reasons.

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