Turning 50 leaders into 500  

Innovista's new global Trainers' Network is being created to grow, support and multiply the next generation of Christian leaders, as they serve in challenging contexts around the world.
August 2023
It is very stressful and very sad to see the devastation that [the] enemy makes to our country and people. [But] I also rejoice seeing God’s kingdom at work – seeing how church can truly be Jesus’ hands and feet (Pavlo, pastor from Ukraine)

Pavlo – and the church that he serves – are bringing the hope of Christ to their community in war torn Ukraine.  

His powerful words sum up the attitude of Christian leaders serving in challenging contexts around the world. They face daily hurdles and hardships, but remain committed to growing God’s Kingdom.  

Next generation leaders  

In Ukraine and elsewhere, a new generation of leaders is needed to serve God’s mission. That is why Innovista is launching a new trainers’ network to connect and equip men and women to raise the next generation of leaders where they’re needed most.  

This network of like-minded men and women will share training, expertise and resources to help each other across Europe, Central Asia and beyond.   

Increasing impact  

The network is being launched in October at a four-day training event in Latvia, called ‘Growing leaders worth following’. Up to fifty leader-trainers from places including the UK, Moldova, Ukraine and Central Asia will learn and pray together. Those attending are expected to grow a further 500 leaders during 2024.  

Every one of those new leaders will in turn bring the great news about Jesus to others. Joy* from Central Asia, for example, was someone mentored by Innovista for 5 years, who started a ministry that now reaches over 200 women affected by domestic abuse each year (click here for more information).  

Lasting legacy 

This is the heart of Innovista's work: training and mentoring local leaders who change their communities with the hope of Jesus, and who then raise up more leaders to do the same. The event and the global trainers’ network that it launches will accelerate and expand that process to leave a life-giving and long-lasting legacy.  

Please pray for this important event. We’ll be providing more information about the event in the next few weeks.  

*: Her name has been changed for her safety. .

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