Will you multiply leaders for God’s mission?

Can you help leaders like Tomas reach new people with the gospel in challenging contexts? With your assistance, 50 key trainers will be equipped to grow 500 new Christian leaders.
Growing Leaders in Latvia
September 2023


Tomas lives in a country where being a Christian makes you part of a tiny minority that is marginalised and persecuted. Unlike you and me, he is not free to share his faith. Churches are small groups. They meet in homes.

Tomas looked in his church and saw young people with potential to lead local mission, but he didn’t know how to help them get started and to keep going.

Thanks to Innovista supporters, Tomas received the training he needed to be an effective mentor of young leaders. And for the last four years, Tomas has been helping eight young leaders to share Jesus with children, teenagers and young adults.

There are lots of other leaders like Tomas who, with your help, can grow other leaders in challenging contexts to reach new people with the gospel.

In October, we will run a special four-day training event in Latvia , full of teaching and tools to help these leaders multiply local mission. Crucially, the support they get will continue after the event, which will ensure they can keep going despite the opposition they face.

With your help, Tomas and others like him will no longer be alone.

Will you make a gift to multiply leaders for God’s mission in challenging contexts by giving to Innovista today?


  • A generous gift of £45 can help provide food and accommodation for leaders as they receive vital training and support.
  • A special gift of £89 can help provide a travel bursary for a leader who otherwise could not afford to take part.
  • A strategic gift of £190 could secure a place at this vital training for a leader like Maryam*.

Like Tomas, Maryam has been growing young leaders in her church. Now God has given her a vision to train leaders throughout her country.

Your gift will help her realise this dream.

With your help the 50 leaders who take part will grow 500 more. Just imagine the impact for God’s kingdom of 500 new leaders.

As Tomas said,
“This training is different. It really made a difference, firstly in my life and now it has had a big impact in the lives of others. The ripple keeps spreading.”

So, please will you make your gift today?

Thank you.

Jason Lane,

Innovista International Director


* To protect identities, names have been changed and photos used for illustrative purposes only.

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