Supporting Christian leaders in times of crisis

If you had met Jana, a Moldovan youth worker, during the summer you would have seen the huge difference between the exhausted ministry leader she was then and who she is today. Let me share her story with you so you can see for yourself what I am talking about and how you can help more Christian leaders like her in times of crisis by donating to Innovista today.

Youth ministry is hard work in Moldova,” says Jana. “For many years, my husband and I have done this work with few resources and no encouragement from our pastorOften, I felt tired and lonely, but I kept going. Then Covid hit, followed by the war in Ukraine which added to my tiredness. Thanks to Innovista’s support, we distributed emergency packs. We prayed for those we met and told them about Jesus. But long hours and sleepless nights took their toll on me. When summer arrived, I felt empty inside.”

This is the moment in Jana’s life and ministry where faithful supporters like you stepped in to offer Jana a lifeline. By giving to Innovista on a regular basis you enabled Jana to go on one of our first retreats for Christian leaders in Moldova.

With your help, I am seeking to raise £20,000 through this appeal to:

1. Offer retreats for physically tired and spiritually fatigued Christian leaders in Moldova.
2. Multiply the impact of retreats for leaders by equipping others to lead them.
3. Increase the capacity of our team in Moldova to equip Christian leaders in times of crisis.

Will you give a gift today to help a spiritually fatigued and physically exhausted leader like Jana in Moldova before they give up? 

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