Prayer for Ukraine

It was really good to come together as a small group of supporters on Thursday and pray specifically for Ukraine. These are the points we prayed into, which we hope will help you in your personal and home group prayer times.

Innovista team

Next week, the Ukraine team will meet together for the first time since April. Please pray for their safe travel and an encouraging and productive time as they meet.

The Resilient Families Programme is nearing readiness to launch at City Church, Kharkiv. Please pray that the final stumbling blocks allow this to be rolled out to those families who really need it.

Operations Director, Alex and Book Keeper Alex both live in Kyiv and remained there. Please pray for them as internet and electricity comes and goes through the day. Pray also for peace in their hearts as they live in the midst of this conflict.

Innovista Ukraine National Director Anatoliy, has stepped into the role of leading his church after the sudden departure of the main Pastor. Pray for resilience and capacity as he takes this on for an indefinite period.

Pray for unity for the team as they work and live under such ongoing and intense pressure and stress.

Moldova team

While the team were in Turkey last week, Maricela, Innovista National Director for Moldova shared these prayer needs;

With the influx of Russian refugees into Moldova, tensions have grown with Ukrainians, Moldovans and Russians living alongside each other.

The number of Russians arriving in the country sparks fears that Russia will seek to invade Moldova – pray protection over the country.

The global cost of living is being felt by this already stretched country. As the winter months encroach, please pray that people would be able to heat their homes, feed their families and have the resources to meet the needs of refugees.

Praying for Innovista teams in August

We have so appreciated coming together with supporters from around the world over the past months to pray for church teams and the work of their hands as they seek to bring the hope of Jesus into some of the hardest places in Europe and Central Asia.

Thank you for your commitment to pray for leaders like this church leader from Poltava, Ukraine who said;

“God gives us the opportunity and desire to care for people!
We are happy that amid the great grief of war, the church can be a centre of warmth and comfort, a place of restoration of hope and healing of the soul!
Because God shows His love, even when evil brings complete destruction. But He is not idle, He cares about us every moment.”

It is a privilege to be able to support leaders like this in prayer. If you’ve never come along to a prayer zoom, you are very welcome at our next meeting on September 29th. Please email for the details.

While many Innovista leaders and their teams have paused to take holiday over the next month, we too are pausing our prayer diary for August, but would ask you to pray for these few things;


Rest and recovery for Anatoliy and his family as they take holiday for the first time since the war began

Wisdom and insight for newly appointed Director of Operations, Alexander, as he brings strategic experience and additional capacity into the Innovista Ukraine team

The other members of the Ukraine team, adjusting to the reality of life in a war-zone

Church leaders and teams continuing to provide for displaced people and welcome people into their buildings, providing essential aid but also hope for their hearts through sharing the Bible with them


Maricela, Dima and Jana will all take holiday with their families over the next few weeks. Pray for deep rest for them as they take time away.

Slavic and his family as they continue to find their place in Chisinau and build relationships with lend capacity into the team

The partnership of many organisations working together to provide a home for refugees

Central Asia

The situation in the north remote region where there is civil unrest. Pray for wisdom for Andrey, leading Innovsista training there.

Madina, in the south as she cares for her very elderly and unwell mother.