Great Britain

Housing estate drone view
Map of Great Britain

The number of people describing themselves as Christian in Great Britain has been sharply declining over the last few decades. Around 46% of the population in England and Wales did so in the last census, but far fewer have a personal faith in God.

Although the church invests considerable resources in mission and outreach, many British people are not reached by the gospel of Jesus in any meaningful way. Poorer and under-resourced communities, such as many former council estates, have been particularly under-served by the church. Few young people growing up in these settings get the opportunity to ask big questions about life or to explore spirituality in a safe and supportive space. But when they do, many start to grow in faith and use their own God-given talents and abilities to work towards a better future. Innovista helps to develop Christian leaders through training and coaching, including those called to ministry in disadvantaged communities.

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