Central Park Chisinau Drone View
Map of Moldova

Bordered by Romania and Ukraine, Moldova is one of Europe’s poorest countries. Its Gross Domestic Product is only a quarter that of Romania and just one-eighth that of the UK. Its infrastructure is poor and there is no running water in some rural areas. Corruption and crime are rife, and modern slavery is a particular problem with many trafficked into forced labour or prostitution. Moldova also has one of the highest levels of alcohol consumption in the world, which has led to widespread problems of addiction, violence and ill-health. Faced with so many societal challenges, many young people want to leave, as they don’t see a future in the country.

Predominantly Orthodox, the country’s population of 2.5 million remain largely unreached by the estimated 130,000 evangelical Christians. Young believers are keen to change this, but they lack positive role models, support or training. Innovista Moldova has been seeking to equip and empower these new leaders for fruitful mission.

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