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1,242 Thank Yous

1,242 Thank Yous

We’ve just completed our annual ministry review, so I wanted to let you know this:
In 2017, you provided training and support for an incredible 1,242 unique leaders.

That’s more than any other year in our 18-year-history!

And it’s thanks to the support of people like you.

Thank you for equipping leaders to bring the hope of Jesus into difficult places, and for letting them know that they are not on their own.

Called But Not Equipped

Let me tell you about one of them. His name is Andrei and he lives in Europe’s poorest country – Moldova.

I met him towards the end of last year when he and his church leadership team took part in two days of training to help them reach their community.

At the end of the training, Andrei came up to me, and said: “No one has ever given us training like this before.”

And he has been a pastor for 30 years!

Time and time again, as our team meet Christian leaders across Europe, Russia and Central Asia, we hear similar stories. These leaders are dedicating their lives to reaching those around them with Christ, but lack support and feel isolated.

That needs to change. And thanks to you – it is.

No one has ever given us training like this before.

2020 Vision

Our vision is to see 2,500 leaders a year being trained by 2020.

Imagine the impact that 2,500 Christian leaders can have for Jesus if they are given training and support.

I think of Helena, a courageous young leader in Central Asia. Innovista supporters provided her with some training a few years ago which emboldened her to start a children’s ministry – even though it’s against the law.

Today in her town there are 80 people, most of them children, who have come to know Jesus.

That’s the difference that one leader can make. Imagine what 2,500 could do!

Help Just One

Right now, we’re looking for people to sponsor a leader like Helena, and provide them with the training and support they are asking for.

Could you consider it?

Click here to request your free, no obligation pack today to find out more about how to sponsor a leader and help them change their community.

Thank you.

Jason Lane is Innovista’s International Director. Other names have been changed.

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