Péter Breaks Tradition

Would you have the courage to change something your church has always done, but which was no longer working? That’s what Péter did, and his church have seen more people become Christians in one year, than in the previous five! Traditional Church ‘In Ukraine, many churches have lots of tradition, but not much impact,’ says […]

Arrested Christian Stands Strong in Her Faith

An ambulance is usually a vehicle that offers hope and rescue. But in a Central Asian country ambulances are sometimes used by the police as a cover for making surprise arrests. And, all too often, those arrested are Christians. A Courageous Leader Madina* is a Christian who first heard about Jesus around 20 years ago. […]

Ex-Drug Dealer on a Mission

Drugs are a major problem for young people in Siberia. Sergey knows this all too well — He used to be one of the people selling them. Since he first took drugs as a teenager, Sergey (pictured) became addicted to them for almost seven years, even dealing them to others. Things changed when he found […]