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From would-be killer to follower of Jesus

Renat's story

‘I want to be a killer.’

This was – until recently – 25-year-old Renat’s* only aim in life.

Abandoned at birth by his mother, he was repeatedly beaten by his stepmother throughout his childhood in Central Asia.

Alienated and angry, he signed up for training with the Russian Army.

His Muslim teaching told him that suicide was wrong. So by becoming a sniper he hoped to kill – and then be killed himself in action.

Just in time

But Innovista trainer Baha invited him along to ‘Fresh’, a pioneering group for young people that meets in a nightclub.

What Renat saw and heard there made an impression, and he was full of questions about relationships, life, and Baha’s God.

Thanks to support like yours, former Muslim Baha has been trained by Innovista to share the hope of Jesus in his challenging context – and to train others to do the same.

‘I will not forget you’

It was during a ‘Fresh’ evening that Baha shared these verses from Isaiah with Renat:

‘The Lord answers, “Can a woman forget the baby she nurses?
Can she feel no kindness for the child to which she gave birth?
Even if she could forget her children,
I will not forget you.
See, I have written your name on my hand.”’
(Isaiah 49:15-16)

Renat’s response was simple, heartfelt and life-changing:

‘I want that God.’

A life transformed

Turning his back on violence, he has become a committed member of the Fresh youth group – and found the love and family he has always longed for.

Breakthroughs like this are only possible thanks to the month in, month out commitment of Innovista’s amazing supporters, who enable us to invest strategically in talented leaders like Baha.

Your generosity can help more people like Renat encounter the transforming love of God.

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