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You gave us courage

Andriy and Nadja story

Widespread prejudice against the evangelical church in Ukraine makes sharing the hope of Jesus there a tough task.

Church leaders Andriy and Nadja know that only too well.

Losing heart and hope
After years of trying to reach their community in L’viv with little success, they began to lose heart. Their hopes were shrinking, and so was their church. They felt down, disconnected – and stuck.

Andriy shared his feelings of discouragement at a meeting of fellow pastors. Pavlo, a pastor and graduate of Innovista’s Tempo Leadership Course, suggested connecting with Innovista.

Hungry for help, Andriy arranged to meet with Anatoliy to chat more about Tempo. Following their conversation, Andriy and Nadja enrolled their leadership team on the Tempo Leadership Course, which took place in L’viv. They embraced this new opportunity enthusiastically, keen to learn how to define and develop their mission, and identify – and overcome – the obstacles in their way.

New insight, fresh vision
During one of the sessions, the focus of their study turned to team dynamics. This was a real lightbulb moment for the team.

‘We had started the course as a group of detached and different people,’ explains Andriy, ‘but the life of our team was changed. Tempo brought unity and gave us courage to start new things.’

One of these was an English club. Ukraine’s increasingly close links with the EU make English fluency a highly sought-after skill. Andriy and Nadja spotted this as an opportunity for connecting with local people keen to learn the language.

But they didn’t stop there.

City-wide outreach
Newly equipped with practical tools and effective ways of working together, the team decided to join with five other churches in a creative and ambitious mission project.

Partnering with a team from the US, they hired the biggest church in the city and ran a free, week-long English-teaching programme.

Over 1,000 people filled the venue.

People from across the city worked on their language skills using Bible texts, worship songs and one-to-one practice with native English speakers.

At the end of the week, anyone wanting to know more about God was invited to connect with one of the five churches.

Daring to dream
Andriy and Nadja’s little church welcomed 10 new people. That’s something they would never have dreamed possible before Tempo.

‘I am absolutely sure that unless we had this experience we would never have dared to start this project,’ says Nadja.

Thanks to you, these leaders no longer feel alone, but part of something much bigger. They now have the training, tools – and courage – to reach their community.

We know that stories like this one are a testimony to the power of Jesus at work in people’s lives; please do pray for the church’s newest members to find lasting, life-changing hope in Jesus.

We aren’t asking you for support at this time, but if you would like to give to help equip more leaders like Andriy and Nadja, we are always grateful for your support. Thank you.

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