Prayer is vital to all we do – these are the latest prayer requests from our teams internationally. Please join us in praying for them.


UKRAINE – Pray for church teams as they start to come back together again after lockdown and a long break over the summer. Pray for them to have energy and focus and to start to build momentum again.

MOLDOVA – There is a sense of dread as they are expecting a second wave of coronavirus and another period of lockdown. They are also aware that their national harvest will not be a good one due to lack of rain. Pray for protection and healing from Coronavirus, for strong leadership and governance across the church and state and for abundance for those churches who have feeding programmes for the poor in their community. There is a very real concern that food levels will be low.

CENTRAL ASIA – In one region of Central Asia, presidential elections are taking place in the autumn and so places of worship are to remain closed until the elections have taken place – that means effectively another few months of ‘lockdown’ and virtual church. Please also pray in particular for Madina and her parents who are not well.

RUSSIA – Please pray for the re-establishment of leadership and youth initiatives which look like they might fall apart because they haven’t met for so long. Slavic is concerned that too much erosion has happened and they won’t be able to recover. His fear is that the church will go back to where it was 15 years ago when each church is isolated and there is no collaboration .


One of Innovista’s National Directors, Madina, has shared the realities of the spread and impact of Coronavirus in Central Asia. The region has already suffered from persecution and man-made disasters; now they face a battle with Coronavirus which is quickly getting out of control. Madina has asked for prayer from Innovista supporters: please join us in crying out to God for mercy on this region as they struggle with so much suffering with so few resources.

Heavenly Father,

We thank you for our brothers and sisters living and working in Central Asia. Thank you for their tireless commitment in serving you in their communities, especially during this Coronavirus pandemic.

We give you thanks for Madina and the volunteer networks she is facilitating and coordinating in order to get ventilators for people who desperately need them. She and her teams are really stretched and struggling – they need your help. Please equip her with strength for each day and protect her from harm.

We pray that the fuel Madina and her teams need for their cars to transport those who are sick would be provided and affordable. While they are spending all and every day in their cars transporting people and ventilators from home to hospital, we ask that food would be provided for them, that they would stay strong and well.

At this time of crisis, would you raise up more volunteers to help with the overwhelming task of caring for the sick and for transporting those who require hospital treatment. We pray for the doctors, nurses and caregivers treating the sick. Please protect and sustain them.

We pray, Father God, for healing for those of our leaders who are seriously ill with Coronavirus and strength for those in recovery. We pray that more oxygen would become available for those who so desperately need it at this time.

You know all that they need and so we ask all of these things in Jesus’ name,


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