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Tempo Leadership Course

Clarify your vision. Develop your team. Lead with confidence.

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Laveda Testemonies

The Tempo Leadership Course came at the perfect time. Now I’m leading a team of nine people and if it wasn’t for the lessons I learned on the course, I would be completely clueless.

Laveda, Ireland
Stas Testemonies

This training has helped the formation of a clear vision, and the presentation of this vision to the team and to the church. Once the ministry had a formed vision and team, it became clear where, and why, we were moving.

Stanislav, Siberia
Roman Testemonies

The Tempo Leadership Course gave me the tools to unite my team around ministry. My team understood fundamental principles of leadership: vision, strategy, teamwork. We realised that if we approach the ministry with planning and deep thinking the results will be better.

Roman, Pastor, Ukraine

The job of a leader is to create clarity.

Without it, your team and your ministry will not reach its potential.

So why is it that after 17 years of training thousands of leaders, clarity is the most common thing that we find leaders seem to lack?

The Tempo Leadership Course will help you to clarify your vision, develop your team, and lead with confidence.

Available to leaders in six countries, the course offers 8 workshops and coaching over 18 months, and is designed to leave you and your team clear on how to change your community with the hope of Jesus.

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