• About The Leys

    Four miles south-east of Oxford lies The Leys – an area which combines the two estates of Blackbird Leys and Greater Leys.
    Unemployment here is double the Oxford average, and over 40% of local people work in low skill, poorly-paid jobs.
    Over 70% of 16-year-olds leave school without 5 A*-C grades at GCSE level, an even higher rate than the community’s adults.
    Many young people growing up in The Leys experience high levels of anxiety, and have low self-esteem and little aspiration.
    But they are also full of God-given talent and creativity. They know what their community needs, and have the ideas and the influence to make it a better place.
    We’re here to support them to become the positive role models needed to inspire the next generation to reach their fullest potential too.

  • Leys Team

    • Daniel Martin-Thomas

      Youth Worker, Thrive Teams The Leys

      Daniel has lots of experience in the charity sector including work with refugees, addicts and the homeless. He also has experience in church based youthwork and came to our trainee year to explore working with young people in a local community. He wants to be involved in God’s plan for young people in transforming their communities.

    • Odet Boateng

      Team Leader, Thrive Teams The Leys

      Odet has lived in The Leys for most of her life. She longs to see her community flourish and loves to spend her time investing in its young people. She is committed to giving young people across the estate the opportunity to develop their God-given talents and to use them powerfully for good.

  • Leys Community Church

    Thrive Teams’ partnership with Leys Community Church (LCC) helps meet the needs of wider families and provides appropriate support for the young people we’re investing in as they become adults.

    Leys Community Church meet in a weekly home group, and at Blackbird Leys Adventure Playground (BLAP) around 4pm on the first and third Sunday of each month.  On the other Sundays, we meet with our bigger sister church (Oxford Community Church).