• About South Abingdon

    A short drive south from Oxford, South Abingdon is home to 5,000 people. A narrow bridge leads into the estate, which seems cut off from the many opportunities enjoyed by young people in the rest of Abingdon.

    The area has been ranked one of the most deprived in the country, and one in three of its young people live in poverty. Pressure is high and family breakdown common.
    Just a few minutes but a whole world away from Oxford University, South Abingdon is in the bottom 1% of neighbourhoods in England for education.
    But, despite a tough start in life, the young people of South Abingdon have plenty of passion and potential. Our dream for them is that they can dream for themselves – and then turn those dreams into reality.

  • South Abingdon Team

    • Matt Warmington

      Team Leader, Thrive Teams South Abingdon

      Matt grew up on an Oxford estate. About to drop out of school, he turned his life around when a mentor invested in him. Now he wants to see many more young people growing in self-esteem. His heart is to help release them from all that holds them back so they can become community-changing leaders.

    • Rebecca Napier

      Youth Worker, Thrive Teams South Abingdon

      Rebecca grew up overseas and has lived in many different countries. She worked in a school before joining Thrive Teams. She loves seeing young people growing in trust and self-belief. Her vision for South Abingdon’s young people is that they get the chance to dream for themselves – and then turn those dreams into reality.


  • Abingdon Community Church

    Abingdon Community Church (ACC) is a lively and welcoming church that meets in Thameside School in South Abingdon. ACC invited Thrive Teams to partner with them, and bring our seven years’ experience into South Abingdon to see young people reach their potential and bring hope to their community. Thrive Teams partnership with ACC alongside the support of local churches and community organisations helps us better serve the young people and their families in this community.