Youth Ministry Training
for hard-to-reach and unlikely places

Equipping youth workers for mission in disadvantaged communities.

Prospectus 2019

14 million people (1 in 5) are living in poverty in the UK. That means children and their families are stuck in a cycle of multiple deprivation, impacting their quality of life and future opportunities.

Although the stats are overwhelming, around the country Christians are moving into areas of deprivation to share their lives, build friendships and offer the hope of Jesus to those in need. Youth Ministry Training equips these workers for long term, sustainable mission.

This isn’t a gap year – this is a year for youth workers to refine their practice, develop character and skills and devise an individual strategy for long term mission in their community.

Prospectus 2019
Tim Gough
Innovista’s Youth Ministry Training offers solid training with a real passion to reach the lost in areas that are often sadly overlooked. They have achieved a rare but important balance between deep engagement with the Bible, and a commitment to relevant and evolving practice. I wholeheartedly recommend Innovista to you!
Tim Gough, Youth for Christ Center Director and Author

The training has given me a good understanding of youth work principles so that I can now go into different situations with confidence. I have especially found helpful learning how to put together a Bible study – making it engaging and relevant for our youth.

Rebecca, Thrive Teams Youth Worker

I’ve grown most from working with experienced youth workers and seeing their different styles. Practising skills in training before using them with young people is also really helpful because it’s a safe place to make mistakes in a no pressure environment.

Sam, Youth Work Trainee

We want to equip youth workers to understand the Bible that shapes their work; to have the practical skills to work in a disadvantaged context; and to develop spiritual disciplines so they are in it for the long haul.


To apply

If you have questions about YMT please contact erica.payne@thriveteams.org.

If you are ready to apply, you can download an application form here.

Please submit your completed application form here.

Closing date for applications: Sunday 11 August 2019

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