Innovista GB equips leaders for mission in disadvantaged communities.

Ten years ago, we pioneered our first Thrive Team in Barton, Oxford. Our vision was to raise up local leaders to reach their community with the hope of Jesus. Over the past decade, we’ve done just that in three disadvantaged communities running contextual youth work, mentoring leaders, and seeing lives transformed. We’ve watched young people reengage with school, find work, mend relationships and put their hope in Jesus. Several with real leadership spark have become crucial missional leaders in their own community, and are now mentoring others. We have now handed over the work of Thrive Teams to local churches to increase our impact – training and equipping leaders for mission in disadvantaged communities, not just in Oxford, but beyond.



  • Our approach

    We work with local churches to help them realise a vision for mission in their local community. We believe mission is holistic and best achieved by being:

    LOCAL – embedding in a community

    LOVING – sharing the gospel in word and deed

    LEADER focused – equipping leaders  who change their communities with the hope of Jesus