Quality leadership is the key to impactful and sustainable mission. Our courses and coaching equip and develop church leaders for holistic mission in disadvantaged communities.

Tempo Leadership Course

This well-established 18-month programme consists of eight 1-day workshops for 10-12 participants with practical implementation in between. They develop skills, understanding and character so that they can lead teams with confidence. It also equips leaders to assess needs, discern vision and develop strategy.

Bespoke workshops

Addressing specific issues facing leaders working in disadvantaged communities, and always finishing with a focus on how leaders can implement what they’ve learnt. Topics include vision & values, needs analysis, strategy development, partnership management, supervising and managing volunteers, mentoring programmes, and young leaders’ programmes


One-to-one or group coaching helps leaders understand how they can use their strengths, and leverage the strengths of others, to change their community with the hope of Jesus. Group coaching is a safe space to test ideas and learn from one another while also benefitting from an experienced facilitator, helping leaders home-in on the decisive factors which will lead to real breakthrough in their communities.