We live and work in three Oxford estates: Barton, The Leys and South Abingdon.

Oxford is famous across the world for its ancient university. It’s a place of excellence, affluence and influence – more than half of all UK prime ministers studied here.

It’s also a city of stark contrasts.

Officially the least affordable city in the country, a quarter of its children live in poverty.

Just a few miles from the university are neighbourhoods which rank in the bottom 1% nationally for education.

Head out from the historic centre to the city’s edges and you’ll find housing estates where young people feel cut off and left out, with little to do or hope for.

But these young people are full of promise and potential.

They have a unique and valuable contribution to make.

That’s why we call Barton, The Leys and South Abingdon home.

We’re here to work alongside young people growing up in disadvantage, helping them recognise that they have the power to change the future – for themselves and for their communities.