Well over half of the UK’s 66 million people described themselves as Christian in the most recent census. But far fewer have found a personal faith in God.

Many British people have not yet been reached by the gospel of Jesus in a meaningful way. The UK church invests considerable resources in mission and outreach. But the country’s poorer, historically overlooked communities often find themselves under-served by the church.

Few young people growing up in estates like those on the edges of Oxford get the opportunity to ask big questions about life or to explore spirituality in a safe and supportive space.

But when they do, many start to grow in belief in God and also in their own God-given talent and ability to work towards a better future.

From Innovista’s GB hub in Oxford we run the Tempo Leadership Course, a Youth Ministry Training programme designed specially for youth workers called to disadvantaged communities, and our award-winning Thrive Teams.

How can I help young leaders in disadvantaged communities in Great Britain?

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