Ireland is a young country with a vibrant, hi-tech economy. A third of its population of just under 5m are under the age of 25. One quarter of people in the capital, Dublin were born outside Ireland.

Four out of five people still identify as at least nominally Christian. Irish society is secularising quickly, as many lose confidence in the established church after a series of high profile abuse scandals.

The good news of the gospel is now seen as bad news by many who have turned their back on faith.
Evangelical Christians make up a small proportion of the population, at 1.3%. A significant number of these are recent immigrants to the country, meaning only an estimated 1% of indigenous Irish people are evangelical Christians, the lowest in the English-speaking world.

Based in Dublin, the Innovista Ireland team run the Tempo Leadership Course, workshops for churches and leaders, and provide coaching sessions and a schools leadership programme called RISE. Through partnering with other organisations they are working hard to equip leaders to pioneer creative and effective ways to reach local people with the hope of Jesus.

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