Bordered by Romania and Ukraine, Moldova is Europe’s poorest country. Its GDP (Gross Domestic Product) is a quarter that of Romania and just one-eighth that of the UK. Human trafficking is a serious problem, with many Moldovans trafficked into forced labour or prostitution.

Many more seek work in other countries, leaving children to grow up with little parental input, and many elderly people feeling abandoned. Infrastructure is very poor – with no running water in some rural areas – and crime, corruption and rates of alcoholism are high.

Predominantly Orthodox, the country’s population of 3.5 million remain largely unreached by the estimated 132,000 evangelical Christians. Young Moldovan Christians are keen to change this, but they lack positive role models, support or training.

Innovista recently launched a hub in the capital, Chisinau, where we are running the Tempo Leadership Course and Leading for Life conference, and seeking to equip and empower new Moldovan leaders for fruitful mission.

How can I help Christian leaders in Moldova?

You can make a gift today to equip leaders like these for life-changing mission.