Nearly three decades on from the collapse of the Iron Curtain, the Russian Federation is still a place of struggle and hardship for many of its 145m inhabitants.

Life expectancy for the average Russian is 11 years lower than for someone born in the same year in the UK, and wealth inequality and political corruption are rife.

Once banned by the Communist authorities, over 70% of Russians now affiliate themselves with the Orthodox Church. But for most, state-imposed atheism has been replaced by a tolerance of nominal religiosity and a suspicion of life-filled, Biblical Christianity.

This distrust has been fuelled by a state crackdown on religious minorities. Recent legislation has made it hard to register a new church, and imposed fines, suspensions and loss of licences for Christian training organisations in Russia.

Innovista’s hubs are located in the Siberian cities of Omsk and Tyumen, where teams run the Tempo Leadership Course and support local leaders to reach and change their communities with the gospel.

How can I help Christian leaders in Russia?

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