Ukraine’s 43m people have been devastated by war. The Crimea region has been annexed by Russia, and two breakaway ‘People’s Republics’ in eastern Ukraine now enforce Russian-style laws which prohibit all churches from gathering, except Orthodox churches under Moscow’s control.

The impact on life in Ukraine has been huge. The average wealth of a Ukrainian has more than halved since 2014, to just £1,220. In the UK, it’s £217,657.

Two per cent of the population are Christians – and their numbers are growing. However, many young Christian leaders are inexperienced and isolated. Most have only seen the example of older, Soviet-era pastors who lack the ability or desire to critically assess what is happening in their cities and churches, and are unwilling to partner with other churches to find a solution.

The teams at Innovista’s hubs in Kyiv and L’viv run the Tempo Leadership Course and Leading for Life conference, and seek to help local leaders develop a new, community-transforming style of leadership.

How can I help Christian leaders in Ukraine?

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