Jana Maxim

Trainer, Innovista Moldova

Jana is trainer for Innovista Moldova and has been on the team since 2021. She has an undergraduate degree in Social Work from the Theological Pedagogical College in Chisinau and another in Teaching from Alecu Russo State University of Balti. She is also currently studying ? at the Ellel School of Counselling. Jana has a background working with children and young people, and has 16 years of experience working at a Day Centre for children from vulnerable families, as well as 6 years as a Biology and Geography school teacher. She is actively involved with a number of local church ministries and is fond of building strong relationships among believers. Jana and her husband, Alexandru, have three children, and they have served as youth leaders for 15 years, as well as being home group hosts. Her passion is to love God and serve people. She enjoys helping the next generation gain a personal, deep relationship with God and to follow his will. Jana also enjoys reading, nature walks and travelling.

Region: Moldova

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